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- 200 years of breeding for quality -

Native Angus Beef

The ultimate grass fed and finished beef

Native Angus Bulls and Arrawatta Station Homestead

Native Angus - Revival of a Species

Once threatened by the introduction of the feedlot system, Native Angus are staging a comeback from the brink of extinction.

To lose the best genetics ever developed  for producing grass-fed beef would be a tragedy.

We plan to ensure their survival.

Native Angus

The secret of success in farming our grassfed Native Angus cattle is our focus on three key factors -

  • Genetics,

  • Grass and

  • Farm Management.

Veivers Gully Native Angus Muster
Native Angus Muster

Terroir & Time
make great grassfed beef

Understanding the influence of terroir & time helps to understand just why grass fed beef tastes so much better than its feedlot equivalent.

We Care...

...for our family, our community, our animals and our planet. That's why we farm the way we do.

Susan Hendry and Native Angus Bull
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