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200 years ago our family's Hendry and Henderson ancestors grazed the original Angus cattle in the glens and valleys of Scotland. It has always been our dream to follow in their footsteps with Angus cattle that still retain the genetic traits for taste, texture and marbling that our ancestors developed by patiently breeding for quality beef.

Here in the Northern Tablelands of the New England region of New South Wales, in what is undeniably one of Australia's premium grazing areas, we are able to give these Native Angus a home equal to or better than that which they had 200 years ago.

Our Native Angus cattle are entirely free range, raised on clean air, pristine water and nutrient-rich pastures with no grain, no pesticides, no growth hormones and no antibiotics - ever.

We are committed to farming the way our ancestors farmed and to sharing with you the beef that our ancestors ate - beef that established the reputation of the Angus breed throughout the world.

John & Susan Hendry

Arrawatta Station

550 Arrawatta Rd,

Inverell, 2360, NSW


Rainbow over Arrawatta Station

Our Vision

You should be able to provide the very best food for yourself and your family without worrying about ill effects to your health and damage to the planet.


Our vision is to combine

  • the best grass conversion cattle genetics with


  • the best Australian natural grasslands and to use


  • the best land and animal management techniques


to produce the ultimate grass fed and finished beef, regeneratively and sustainably.

Our promise to you is that our beef will be rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients important for health, as well as being the best tasting beef you can buy.

Good for you, good for the animals and good for the planet...

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